HEART launches TVET Ambassador Programme

About the TVET Ambassador Programme

Melissa Moses, a graduate of Garmex Academy and successful entrepreneur, has been named the first ambassador.

The launch was held at the HEART/NSTA Trust’s Oxford Road offices in St. Andrew on Thursday (February 29).

The main goal of the TVET Ambassador programme is to – Raise the profile of TVET.
Secondly, develop a cadre of persons who will collaborate with HEART/NSTA Trust to showcase TVET programmes/services and foster greater appreciation of TVET.

Currently, TVET programmes commonly considered a second-tier educational track to which challenged learners are directed. This perception can discourage potential students from enrolling or firms from hiring TVET graduates.
The TVET Ambassador programme will, through its ambassadors, help prospective students to identify TVET, not just as an alternative to the traditional academic subjects, but to see it also as a viable career path.
The objectives of the programme are as follows:
● Build greater awareness towards lifting the profile nationally.
● Promote the benefits and relevance of TVET in today’s world.
● Increase engagement with prospective students encouraging them to pursue a wider range of (TVET) courses.
● Increase engagement with business professionals to strengthen partnerships and apprenticeships.
● Forge new partnerships among TVET institutions, industry stakeholders and communities.

Read more from JIS here: https://jis.gov.jm/heart-nsta-trust-launches-tvet-ambassador-programme/#:~:text=The%20initiative%20aims%20to%20raise,advance%20its%20vision%20and%20mission.

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