Workforce Solutions

Staffed by a competent team of professionals, and armed with specialised knowledge of the nuances of the Jamaican marketplace, we are equipped to help create a pool of capable and qualified Jamaican workers, trained and certified to international standards. Our goal is to help increase the productivity of individuals and enterprises, as well as foster a robust and competitive Jamaican economy.

Staff Training, Assessment & Certification

If your facility is passed by one of our auditors, on-the-job training and certification will take place in the normal working environment using the equipment and material employees already have access to. Enjoy the convenience of reducing costs and saving time.

Working collaboratively with relevant HEART Trust/NTA institutions and departments, our liaison officers will carefully assess your staff needs and offer recommendations for training.

As a result of HEART’s expert workforce solutions, your business can enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Having your employees earn the internationally recognized NVQ-J certification while on the job
  • Motivated and inspired employees ready to move to the next employment level
  • A pool of certified and competent workers to choose from for large projects or contracts, or in the event that new jobs are created, or your business expands
  • A workforce equipped with the leading-edge, in-demand skills and abilities for your sector or niche
  • Increased productivity and competitiveness in the marketplace.


Every employer contribution benefits a trainee. Invest in your future business success and help create a cadre of competent and skilled Jamaican workers through HEART 3% contributions.

Skills Bank

See our available talent pool.

Labour Market Trends

Understanding labour market trends is key to developing an effective strategic plan for your business. We provide access to current regional and international labour market information so you can make informed decisions about the future of your organisation.

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