Volunteerism & Mentorship

Become a volunteer or mentor – increase your community participation and assist young Jamaicans to advance personally and professionally.

Volunteerism & Mentorship

As an outgrowth of our deep commitment to the well-being of citizens and communities in Jamaica, our volunteer programme is designed to encourage participation in national and community initiatives, as well as sensitize participants to the inherent value of volunteerism as a way of contributing to the overall quality of life of citizens.

The purpose of the programme is to help foster socially aware, civic-minded and responsive Jamaicans. Two types of volunteerism are offered through the Trust: volunteerism as a component, where all HEART trainees and programme participants are required to complete a minimum of 40 volunteer hours during their engagement, and volunteerism as a programme where individuals 18 and older sign up to be part of a corps, trained and ready to play their role in nation-building activities.

Volunteer projects are offered in a range of public and private agencies engaged in, but not limited to hospitality, welfare, technology, community development, sports, health, agriculture and environmental services and activities. Our volunteer programme is also open to members of the public.

Volunteers are supported to:

  • Foster a spirit of altruism, philanthropy community and active citizenship
  • Increase self-confidence and cultivate a sense of purpose
  • Strengthen overall employability

Additionally, volunteers may:

  • Gain certification for volunteer hours completed
  • Access employment opportunities
  • Garner certification in Youth Development work

At the end of their period of volunteering, participants are awarded a certificate. The most outstanding volunteer is recommended for the Prime Minister’s National Youth Award in exceptional volunteer service.

National Mentorship Programme

The National Mentorship Programme is designed to assist young Jamaicans to develop personally and professionally through a mentorship relationship. Mentors aged 25 and older serve as role models to young adults between the ages of 17 and 24. The goal of our mentorship programme is to provide individuals with meaningful guidance and support throughout their early adult life. Through participation in our mentorship programme, mentees can:

  • Access career guidance
  • Increase self confidence
  • Build a social/professional network and create supportive, long-lasting relationships
  • Get advice, perspective and learn how to accept constructive feedback
  • Strengthen overall employability
  • Improve their understanding of workplace culture
  • Develop an awareness of good workplace etiquette, habits and practices

Mentors may have the opportunity to become HEART certified in Youth Development work.

Duration: 1 year

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