HEART/NSTA Trust and Theatre Xpressionz Partnership

The HEART/NSTA Trust and Theatre Xpressionz recently signed a Partnership Agreement to provide training and certification for Jamaicans in Jamaican Dancehall Dances.

Dancehall Dance is a robust course designed to introduce persons to the rich dance history that exists in Jamaica and how it has influenced our present culture. The course comprises of eleven (11) units covering the gamut of dance expressions from Kumina, Revivalism, Mento, Jamaican Folk, Ska, Rock Steady, 70s Dancehall, 80’s Dancehall, 90’s Dancehall, 2000’s Dancehall and Introduction to Xpressive Moves. The duration of the course is twelve weeks (two evenings per week) at the LEAP Centre, 115-117 Duke Street and at the HEART College of Construction Service in Portmore.

Applicants are required to apply online at www.heart-nta.org.

The course will be delivered by a team of professional dance instructors led by the internationally acclaimed dance instructor Orville ‘Dance Professor’ Hall. At the end of the programme, graduates will receive a NCTVET Customized Certificate in Jamaican Dancehall Dances and will be qualified to work as a Professional Dancer/Choreographer, Entertainment Coordinator, Dance Instructor and Gym/Fitness instructor.


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