HEART Merger Hailed a Success

2019 RJRGLEANER Honour Award(Education) Hails Operational Efficiencies and Greater Access for Trainees.

The Board of the HEART/NSTA is immensely proud of this accolade and national recognition of the Agency’s success in achieving one of the largest and most complex mergers ever in the Jamaican Public Sector.

We are thrilled with the ‘thumbs up’ vote of confidence by members of the public, who nominated us for this prestigious award, which since 1979 as the Gleaner Honour Awards (now the RJRGLEANER Honour Awards), has recognised outstanding individuals and organisations for significant contribution to the “improving of the quality of life in Jamaica.”

By consolidating HEART with the Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning, the National Youth Service and the Apprenticeship Board, a total training entity called the HEART/National Service Training Agency (HEART/NSTA) Trust has been created for Jamaica that will track the life cycle of all Jamaicans and support their training needs at all stages.

We are grateful to our committed 3% Employer Contributors, trade union partners and many other stakeholders for their partnership and support of the merger.

Above all, the Board heartily congratulates Dr Janet Dyer and all members of the team across the length and breadth of the island for their Herculean efforts during the merger process, and who remain committed and passionate in their service.

This Award is for all the People of HEART/NSTA. It honours our proud history and legacy as an Agency that first started by,Doing what was necessary, then doing what became possible, And now to suddenly find ourselves doing what was once thought to be impossible! Again, on behalf of the Board, HEART-felt Congratulations HEART/NSTA!

Edward Gabbidon, Chairman
HEART/National Service Training Agency Trust


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