HEART in the NEWS: Trainees Build 'Tiny' $4.7m House for St. Thomas Fire Victim.

An excerpt from the Jamaica Information Service:

“Managing Director, HEART/NSTA Trust, Dr. Taneisha Ingleton, disclosed that the bed donated was built by the HEART College of Construction Service in Portmore, bedding and curtains were provided by Garmex Academy, while kitchen fixtures, inclusive of cupboards and countertops, were built by the Port Maria Vocational Training Centre.

The Managing Director further shared that the roofing and painting was undertaken by HEART trainees at the Buff Bay Vocational Training Centre while the electrical works were carried out by the Port Maria Vocational Training Centre.

“This is a true HEART house… . I know that you will find comfort in your new home… from our HEART to yours,” Dr. Ingleton said to a rousing applause.

For her part, Dr. Charles described the presentation to Ms. Thomas as a heart-warming occasion.

“When she called me about losing her house to fire, I was extremely sad. It’s very hard when you lose everything. My heart is filled with joy as I stand here today to see her being helped,” Dr. Charles said.”

Read the full article here: HEART Trainees Build ‘Tiny’ $4.7m House for St. Thomas Fire Victim – Jamaica Information Service (jis.gov.jm)

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