It takes HEART – Live Series

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  1. Lackisha collash Avatar
    Lackisha collash

    I am interested in cosmologists.

    1. SCrooks Avatar

      Good day, Lackisha, Thanks for contacting the Heart NSTA, Trust. We appreciate your interest in our program. We offer cosmetology at various locations. Kindly visit our website: Programmes List: HEART/NSTA Trust ( to see the different locations that offer the program you are interested in. Applications can be done on the same site using a desktop or laptop. If the program you are interested in is closed for applications, A physical application can be done at your nearest parish office. Please take your TRN, birth certificate, government-issued ID, and any proof of qualification you may have. We treat applications on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, once the program is offered, a representative from the institution will contact you. 

  2. Callers Hartley Avatar
    Callers Hartley

    I was so elated, excited, and happy about the online courses. It also takes the limit of distance for people who can’t afford to board and travel every day to school to achieve their career choice. God bless you as you and the team gain insight to reach people around the world.

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