UNESCO-UNEVOC promotes increased opportunities for productive work, sustainable livelihoods, personal empowerment and socio-economic development, especially for youth, women and the disadvantaged. Through its innovative projects, capacity-building programmes and collaborative activities with more than 220 UNEVOC Centres around the globe, UNESCO-UNEVOC is working towards ensuring access to quality technical and vocational education and training for all. Since 1962, Jamaica, and specifically, the HEART/NSTA and its NCTVET Institutes has been a member of the UNESCO-UNEVOC Network.

One recent project undergone by the Rockfort Vocational Training Centre & the National Tool & Engineering Institute (both TVET Institutes in the UNEVOC Network), was the Greening in TVET Waste Management Project, which was lead by Art Consultant Gavin Wright. 

Read more of the Greening Project Proposal by
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An excerpt from the Project Proposal:

A sculpture park would be ideal solution to problem of unused scrap metals and great way to show case the trainees creative talents to a large more public audience. With only a few education institutions possessing their very own park, […], the TVET campus will be now amongst the few that can boast of their students being the artist and creative minds behind the sculptures mounted. My expectation being that this will be a longstanding project that may even be integrated into the future curriculum. As a project like this can be very effective as a breather exercise and a form of art therapy to clear the heads of students as stress relieving activity, something different than their regular program of study for I found artsy and creative projects like these are normally well received by students due to it being a much needed break to flex the more creative side of their brains.

The HEART/NSTA continues to empower and support the Jamaican people through education and training programmes at the various NCTVET Institutes islandwide. 

A Showcase of Some Art Pieces from the Greening Project

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