Author: Julia Smiley-Green

  • The Rebrand – HEART/NSTA Trust

    The Rebrand – HEART/NSTA Trust

    Check out this JIS Get the Facts feature with Managing Director, Dr. Taneisha Ingleton.

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  • Annual Regional Certification Ceremonies

    Annual Regional Certification Ceremonies

    In the radiant glow of a promising future, the 2023 graduation season for the HEART/NTSA Trust shimmered with unparalleled brilliance. Gathered under the banner of excellence, over 11,000 graduates stood as a testament to dedication and proficiency across a diverse spectrum of TVET disciplines. Each graduate, a beacon of skill and expertise, became a shining…

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  • Our past trainees ROK!

    Our past trainees ROK!

    Former HEART/NSTA Trust Trainees now employed at the ROK Hotel share their experiences with HEART.

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  • LIFT Programme Testimonial Video

    LIFT Programme Testimonial Video

    Gain insights from our LIFT Programme participants—trainees, instructors, and industry professionals—as they share their experiences and perspectives on the transformative journey they’ve undergone in the program thus far.

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