Bee-Line to Kenilworth

Bee-Keeping project at the Northwest TVET Institute – Kenilworth Campus  Arising out of Labour Market Research which indicated a major need for honey and other Bee by-products in the North Western end of the Island, Kenilworth was identified as that Institution that would spearhead the project in that region.  The institution opened its door to the first group of 23 trainees, many of whom are commercial Beekeepers, in January 2015.  The programme, Apiculture is at Level 2 and is expected to last for 18 months.  Key areas of the programme include: 

  • How to set up and maintain the Apiary (safety aspects) 
  • Test and disease control 
  • Bee Management 
  • How to harvest by-products
  • How to construct hive equipment 
Bee-Keeping is a billion dollar industry locally, however, there is also great prospect for export.  Other opportunities include: 
  • Entrepreneurial – Bottle and market Honey and Pollen, as well as breeding and selling bees. 
  • Employment – Managing Apiary, farm hands etc.